Congratulations! You have found your way to the Zone. Hypnosis-based therapies can often help in many everyday problems whether they are acute or you have suffered from them all your life. Perhaps you have already tried many other treatments. Anxiety, phobias and fears with no apparent cause, addictions, eating disorders, impotence, weak self-esteem, and many other problems that we don’t really know what they are about and what to do with them… how can we get rid of them or at least make them less annoying and severe?

No therapy works with all problems, with all persons, and all the time. This is true also of hypnosis-based therapies. But they can often help you to find inside yourself strengths and abilities that you did not know you possess. It helps you to help yourself. Maybe this exactly is what you have looked for without knowing it.

If you have the courage, you can also search information of your previous lives in past life regression. Who were you before? With whom, where? How does it influence your current life? Even if you don’t believe in what you experience in hypnosis, past life regression may open deep inside you locks and processes that feel like a fresh rain after a long dry period. Maybe spiritual starvation has been your problem without your knowing it. Spirituality is not connected to any special religion. It is an attitude of reverence, honor, and bliss. To survive as a culture in this world of ecological irreverence, we need to build the opposite attitude. In Hypnozone you find many opportunities.

My office is located in Merihaka, Helsinki, 2-3 minutes’ walk from the Hakaniemi market square.

But of course the real hypnozone is inside you. Every person has the capability to enter trance. In fact, we are in trance several hours every day. You are in trance e.g. when reading a good book or watching a movie that occupies you so that you don’t see or hear what else is happening around you. Well, in fact you do, but your subconscious filters the sensory input and alarms you if something happens that really requires your attention. As long as it is business as usual, your subconscious lets you concentrate on the book or on the movie. Exactly the same happens in hypnosis.

Hypnosis is a special state of relaxation and concentration where your subconscious guards your safety at the same time as it lets you concentrate on something that it considers useful for you.  I addition to being an extremely pleasant state, it opens the door to a healing dialogue with your  subconscious. This may make it possible for you e.g. to dismantle long suppressed traumas that cause anxiety, unexplained and irrational fears, and other problems that lower your quality of life. In the zone  you can also discuss with your subconscious so that it better supports you in your efforts and helps you to achieve what you want in life so that you can become what your are deep inside. It is always more than you imagined.

I also offer some hypnosis recordings that you can listen if you want to try to get help through autosuggestion. They can be very efficient, but as all our problems are personal and unique, a one-size-fits-all approach is seldom as good as personal consultation. Losing weight with hypnosis (EKZ 06) is a 35 minute English language recording that uses the parts therapy approach for weight loss, and it is meant to be listened while sleeping. It is available in my netshop as an mp3 and CD.

My rate is 70 euros per hour. You can request and book a meeting by calling me or sending an e-mail. The booking is valid only after I have received your payment. The easiest way to pay is in Hypnozone shop.

If the payment has not arrived 48 hours before the agreed meeting, the reservation is automatically cancelled. The payment is non-refundable, if cancellation happens less than 24 hours before the agreed meeting time. If you want to change the meeting time, we can do that, if you contact me at least 24 hours before.

You can also buy a gift voucher for a friend, for example for a 1 hour relaxation hypnosis. Usually we work 1 hour at a time, but 1,5 hours is more suitable for past life regression.

Most persons with a normal ability to concentrate for a few minutes are able to enter a hypnotic trance. And of them, most can enter a previous life experience realatively easily or after some excercise. Sometimes, however, some people have a block, for example because there is some unconscious resistance to ceding control to an unknown person. In fact, in hypnosis the client does not give control to anybody, but there may be some fear to that effect. In those cases we can carefully try to break the block, if you so wish and your subconscious gives a green light, or then we must only take it as a fact. In that case you may want to try some other therapeut, because sometimes the necessary rapport and trust is related to the person of the therapist: men sometimes are wary of female therapists and women of male therapists, or vice versa. Or perhaps it is about the age difference or whatever, you never know. Therapy is always confidental, and to succeed it requires complete trust both ways.

Serious mental disorders that require medical care and/or medication, are a contraindication for hypnotherapy. In those cases a professional doctor or psychiatrist is required. Similarly, abusers of heavy drugs may not be suitable for hypnotic treatment.

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